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TurnMeUp List?

So I've searched and searched for a list of albums that are TurnMeUp Certified and haven't been able to find one. Fed up with the sound quality of most modern rock releases it's been refreshing to listen to albums like "The Seldom Seen Kid" by Elbow. Loads of dynamics and good tunes to boot. I've been a fan of theirs since their first album and hope more bands go in this direction. Unfortunately the fight for good sound quality, high fidelity, is a losing battle. With Best Buy and WalMart announcing this week that they're going to phase out CD's for file purchasing machines it seems this entire industry/hobby is doomed for future generations.


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Re: TurnMeUp List?


According to this progress report the certification criteria and mechanism are not finalized yet. However it is potentially a worthwhile initiative; I hope it gathers enough support to succeed.

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