Tune Audio Anima Loudspeaker; Wavac EC-300B Amplifier, AC-2 Conditioner, and PRZ1 Linestage; Nagra CDC and Classic DAC, Crystal Ultimate Dream Cabling

Eye candy, eh? Tune Audio’s Anima 3-way fully horn-loaded loudspeakers ($58,000/pair) claim 109dB sensitive. THEY certainly were drawing in listeners, to the extent that I had to visit twice before I could get into the room then slowly inch my way closer to the sweet spot.

The Anima horns were not the only expensive goodies in this system, which also showcased WAVAC Audio Lab’s EC-300B SE Stereo Amplifier ($38,000), AC-2 Conditioner ($29,000), and PRZ1 Linestage Preamplifier ($29,500) alongside Nagra’s CDC disc player ($22,000) and Classic DAC ($17,000). Connections were made by Crystal Cable’s Ultimate Dream Cabling—at least $81,000 worth.

I'm not sure Marcus Miller’s “Laid Back," which is anything but that, was the best choice of music to showcase this system, but some classical fare from Espana showed how much there was to like in this system’s midrange.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Looks kinda like 'event horizon' :-) .........