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I am interested in how long tubes last. I use el34s in my unison research amp. After about a year one tube blows causing a fuse to blow and the amp to go to the shop. This has happened 3 or 4 times. I am so proud .of myself that I temporarily retired the amp yesterday before a tube blew. I have unison research triode 25, harbeth supers, zesto phono preamp, e.a.t turntable and ortophon quintet black. I am now listening with my spare amp an naim 5si and naim cd5. Also how long do 12ax7 last.

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Tube Life

I can only give you general life expectancy because build quality varies with tube manufacturers. Your output tubes will last around 1500 hours, maybe 2000 if you're lucky. Your small signal tubes are usually good for around 8000 hours, maybe 10,000.

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