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Tube Output Stage

Based on the auditions that I made and the reviews that I read, it seems that a digital player with a tube output stage is increasing its soundstage and solidifying its sonic image, aside from adding the air and smoothness signatures characteristic to the vacuum tubes.
Adding the X-10v3 tube buffer to the analog outputs of my SimAudio MOON (digital/solid-state) source component seems to have the similar effect that the Nu Vista tubes had on the NuVista 3D CD player, or that the Tri Vista tubes had on the TriVista SACD player, or that the Mu Vista tubes have on the kW SACD player (especially this last example, since the buffer is using the same 6112 Mu Vista vaccum tubes).
I am not sure though, if the buffer (placed as mentioned above) would have any influence "tube-sound-wise" on a solid-state McIntosh pre-amp... In other words, would it help if I were to place a second tube buffer between my two solid-state amplification components, or would it actually worsen the overall sound? I would appreciate any comments.
PS: my main speakers are Ambience UltraSlim ribbons, and the addition of the tube buffer really improved on the brilliant sonic image that these speakers produced.

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Re: Tube Output Stage

I suspect that the Tube buffer, in your case, helped (better) drive the Passive Volume control load.

I too was very curious about adding a tube buffer, to my SS set up. Inserted between the CD player and pre, and then shifted between the pre and power, did not help the sound... only made it a shade worse.

The extra stage + 1 pair or interconnects, took its toll....

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