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Recommendations for first tube amp

I'd like to explore tubes, but am not sure how to proceed.
I have a pair of 30 year old Magnepan SMG's that I still love, paired with a REL Q150, fed by a Denon AVR-3801.
Should I try to buy a tube amp big enough to drive the Maggies? What would it take in a 12' x 14' room?
My other thought is starting a second system maybe pairing a Boyourange A50 with a set of efficient Klipsch RP600M's on stands to remedy the low efficiency of my Magnepans. At around $1200, it would be compact and at a good price point for me to see if I can tell a difference.
My source is a FiiO M6 with DAC.
My priorities are soundstage, imaging, and clarity, but I love solid bass too.

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