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Trivista 300 & Quad ESL 989

I've landed a second-hand Musical Fidelity Trivista 300 (USD 3,500) for my Quad ESL 989 Loudspeakers. I previously had (and still have kept) a Kora all-tube Mercury integrated amp.

I'm very happy with how the Trivista controls the Quads, great improvement over the low-power Kora, which could not really cope with such a complicated (so it's said) load.

Tight, controlled bass (well the "Quad bass,if you now what I mean), great soundstage, nice details, maybe a little less liquidity with voices, but I guess that's the trade-off for leaving all-tube stuff for tube & solid state hybrids.

I understand that, concerning the Quads, there are two different schools: one that stands for all-tube not-so-big-power-output gear, aonther one that stands for high-powered solid-state stuff. Both of them have addicts & detractors.

I would love your comments on the topic, if you just might.


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