Triode and Acoustic Zen

The synergy is palpable between Triode Corporation's Japanese-made electronics, distributed by Santo Oropel's Twin Audio•Video, and Acoustic Zen's loudspeakers and cables, masterminded by Robert Lee. At CES, Triode premiered the imminently available TRX-M300 8W into 8 ohms triode monoblocks (approx. $14,000–$15,000/pair). Built around a 300B tube driven by a 91A tube—there are one 300B, two 91As, and one 274B—the 60 lb monoblock includes auto-bias, and has a frequency response of 10Hz–50kHz, +0, –3dB.

Acoustic Zen, in turn, introduced two new cables. Absolute Copper ($1449/1m pair interconnects) and the Absolute 75 coaxial digital cable ($498/m), Both have a single crystal ribbon conductor. This is a brand-new design for Lee, who believes that a flat conductor delivers smooth sound, high to low.