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Trio Beyond - Reaching New Heights

Okay, so I'll answer my own call for some posts about music.

Just picked this new double CD by a group billed as Trio Beyond

called Saudades

on the ECM label. The trio is, now get this line up, Jack Dejohnette on drums (yes, only drums, no piano or other nonsense), John Scofield on guitar and Larry Goldings on Hammond organ and electric piano. The music was recorded live on November 21, 2004 at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London and the whole project was formed in honor of the late master drummer Tony Williams.

I just got the CD yesterday so these are my first impressions but so far so good. This is not your typical laid back ECM disc, no way, this disc smokes from start to finish. These guys rock. I haven't heard DeJohnette play with such force and authority in quite some time. Scofield is as funky as ever and maybe more so since on this date he's got one of the world's best drummers propelling him along. Goldings locks things down tight with his fine keyboard work and a grand old time is had by all.

This one gets the jazzfan seal of approval and is highly recommended for funk/groovemasters of all ages.

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