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Tricky upgrade dilemma! Flagship Missions from the late 80's to what??

Right now, my system consists of an Aragon 2002 stereo amplifier fed by pre-outs from a Denon AVR-3600 (1997). Got an ifi Nano iOne for Bluetooth/Dac and Mission Argonaut 780 mkII's for the speakers + 10" Klipsch sub ran from the Denon.

Here's my dilemma... I LOVE the sound of my system- the synergy is great and the sound signature is rich, musical, has weight but also has just enough detail. However, I'm getting painfully curious about how much resolution I'm missing out on through the speakers. Being that these particular Missions have a faithful following for their sound and "ahead of its time" standing, does it appear to be worth upgrading to something like the KEF Q950/R700/R900? I understand that KEF's sound is more on the analytical side but I do want to try some more shimmering high's and I think my front end will help maintain richness in the lows and mids. Could I be on to something here?

I completely understand that the only true way to find out is auditioning equipment but I wanted to pick people's brains first anyway- also, it's hard to audition right now! Even if it's just a memory of the Missions, anyone mind sharing their thoughts? I'd love to hear anything! This is a lonely hobby after all.

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