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May Belt
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Transferred to Tweaks section from another 'thread'.

The original 'thread' was concerning the Totem Acoustic Forest speaker (under the section April 2010 issue) but that debate was then diverted to mentioning Enid Lumley.
To quote from Buddha :-

>>> "I've tried to find "Enid's Corner" articles online, but have never found them." <<<

Buddha, I have Enid Lumley's last article in "The Absolute Sound" (Vol 12 January/February 1987) entitled "A Guide to Audio Gremlins: Their Detection and Elimination"

(Peter and I had never heard of Enid before this article way back in 1987, and this article was sent to us by a well known audio equipment manufacturer who was aware (from the early 1980s) of what Peter and I had been discovering.)

Enid's article describes what she refers to as "Gremlins in the listening environment" - a description Peter and I could easily have given to what we ourselves were discovering - but Enid had thought of that description first !!

What is the situation ? Is one allowed to scan an article (from 23 years ago) and make it available on the Internet for others to read ?

After that article Enid and I had a brief correspondence which confirmed that we were all experiencing the same things. As I understand it, Enid then left the audio industry completely but not until after I had received a delightful letter from her. I value that acknowledgement from someone like Enid who I know could "listen" - acknowledgement such as (I quote):-
"Certainly you and Peter are to be commended for your realizations that gremlin problems exist and your pinpointing of the many gremlin sources of 'changes' and your hard work in trying to solve the problem. Audio needs your kind of people." - Enid's letter dated 29th November 1987 - some 23 years ago !!!!!!!

Enid's article could be the basis of an interesting discussion, particularly in the light of some people giving public talks debunking so many of the things (to do with what can alter sound) which Enid had been discovering.

May Belt,
P.W.B. Electronics.

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Re: Transferred to Tweaks section from another 'thread'.

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Re: Transferred to Tweaks section from another 'thread'.

Thanks, Captain!

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