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Total Guilty Pleasure


Last weekend, the wife and I went with some buddies and in-laws to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert.

Much like Michael Fremer getting ready to hear the Furutech Vinyl Degmagnetizer for the first time - I approched the event with a dubious ear.

I had seen their sucky DVD with the little girl in the pajamas stuff, so I expected the worst.


They were really stinking entertaining!

Sort of a prog/progressive rock boombast group being shot out of the Christmas canon!

I think they must have started out at the concert management shop and, after looking through all the concert "event" items, they just said, "We'll take them all."

They had:

Hot chicks on vocals.

Hot chick wearing lycra playing a hot pink violin like she was Charlie Daniels battling the devil.

Twin lead guitars.


Fog machines.

A machine that made snow - shooting it down on the crowd from the rafters.

Spark shooting fireworks, spark fountain fireworks, and some missile fireworks.

Red flames!

Blue flames!

Big, hot, Rolling Stones / Sam Ramey Mephistopheles flames - bigger than the Wizard of Oz flames!

They gave a big check to a local charity.

They took a kid from the audience and gave him a cool looking electric guitar to keep.

Lights and light effects out the wazoo.

Good patter.

A flame and firework section above the mixing boards.

Trips into the audience during songs.

An "after party" in the lobby to mingle with concertgoers.

Pretty good arena sound (we sat in close, so it was probably better for us than out in the hockey seats.)

Big screen visuals on the ceiling.


They make Spinal Tap look subtle.

We took our 6 and 9 year old boys, and it overwhelmed them. Max, our 6 year old, couldn't stop looking EVERYWHERE for the first 90 minutes. (They both wore those day glo yellow and red 35 dB ear plugs, by the way.)

So, if you are of the prog rock persuasion and would like a little holiday Meat Loaf style over the top show, then go see them.

Evidently, they tour each year. The boys are already begging to go again next year.


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Re: Total Guilty Pleasure

Wow - that sounded like alotta fun

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