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Top Ten best CD recordings of all time


Im fairly new to the forums and have now worked out my system quite nicely, of course one of the problems is that it now highlights the poor quality recordings of a lot of my music.

In terms of heavy/prog rock, what would people suggets as the best ten CD's that will play on a standard CD player ?

The best two ive found so far are the 20 th anniversary Brothers in Arms and the digital Wish You Were Here

Appeciate any thoughts


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Re: Top Ten best CD recordings of all time

SRV....SACD hybrid SRV/Albert King "Sessions"!!! Great stuff, great sound. and Matt Oree....Shelf Life Available from Matt direct or CD Baby

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Re: Top Ten best CD recordings of all time

I am not sure what you are looking for, in that I don't know that I would place Dire Straits in the prog/heavy rock category, but in any event...

Tool would have to rank up there in terms of very well recorded heavy rock. Lateralus and Aenemia both are top notch HDCD discs.


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Re: Top Ten best CD recordings of all time

Steve,i like progressive rock but the cds i am going to recomment are hard to find.1) Pink Floyd "dark side of the moon" the dcc gold version since you do not own a sacd player.B)Yes-tales from topographic oceans.Tje Japaneese lp sleeve version of you can find one and C)A cd another audiophile recomment to me,bought it and the music/recording is great Porcupine Tree-In Absendia
I could type a few more but these are the ones i remember ofhand.

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Re: Top Ten best CD recordings of all time

Within the Progressive Rock that sounds great here goes. Anything by Pink Floyd "Meddle" and after with the exception of "A Momentary Lapse of Reason"(What an appropriate title. It sounds really digital in a bad way. The Funny thing is that I think it's an Analog recording.) sounds good for it's time.

Solo Pink Floyd projects? Richard Wright's (keyboard player from Pink Floyd) Broken China is very clean but at the same time artificial sounding. His first solo album "Wet Dream" sounds great and the songs are good too. It's near impossible to find on CD. I have a US Promo LP. All Roger Waters Solo work is well recorded, although I don't care for Radio Kaos myself. Sonically speaking I'm not crazy about David Gilmour's newest solo album, "On An Island." To me it sounds mushy, out of focus, and dynamically flat (not compressed just flat.) It sounds as if the album has a thin coat of plastic over all of the instruments, as if they have been laminated. These flaws make it an uninvolving listen. I have no explanation for these colorations. He recorded the majority of this album at Astoria, his house boat studio where the majority of

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