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Tony Bennett: The Good Life Biography

Just finihsed reading TB Bio The Good Life. Very interesting person and a great talent. I doubt that anyone can claim the longevity as his professional career span is approaching 60 years. Reading about the business side of the record business is very interesting and it is no wonder the bigs have so much trouble. Makes you wonder how many really good A&R people there have really been over the years. It also is a testament that a successful career full of extensive traveling, vices, and time away from home often causes domestic strife. We often hope our favorite performers can have happy lives, but that is often not the case. What is probably worse is being a child of a talented show business person and get caught up in all the turmoil that can take place. I have always been a fan of his art work and am truly amazed at how well he still can sing at his advanced age. Tony's bio is a quick read and well worth the few hours.

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