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The timeless Ella Fitzgerald...

I picked up "The Very Best of Cole Porter" before I went to work (UMG) today and I am very pleased with it. The album contains the song "Night and Day" which is an all time favorite of mine. To find out what other songs are on the album check out
Anyone have the album? Please share your thoughts


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Re: The timeless Ella Fitzgerald...

Hi Jen,
I don't have that paticular album but I must say that any of Ella's songbooks series is a winner. Ella at Dukes Place and Ella Swings Gently with Nelson also come to mind as knockouts. I don't know if you listen to Sinatra but the album Francis A (Sinatra) and Edward K (Duke) is a killer. Happy listening.

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Re: The timeless Ella Fitzgerald...

You can't go wrong with Ella. I've collected a lot over the years, but I don't have the particular recording your talking about. My favorites - apart from the duets with Louis which is priceless - are "Take Love Easy" with Ella and Joe Pass and the songs Ella did for "Let No Man Write My Epitaph" where she is accompanied only by a piano. Her voice and phrasing are so wonderful to listen to that I think, sometimes, that substantial orchestral support is distracting. I'm also convinced that while she was great when young, she got better as she got older.

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