Time with the Big Boys #3: High Fidelity Cables

Rick Schulz's High Fidelity Cables system threw such a huge soundstage that I needed to go back a row or two to take it all in. When I did, it sounded tremendous, as in positively three-dimensional with a smooth and pleasing top. This eminently inviting, one-of-a-kind set-up, which only played CDs, sounded out of this world on Maneesh De Moor's Sadhana.

Schulz, who seemed to be playing up his outlaw status as a proponent of magnetic cables by wearing a Harley Davidson jacket, tells me that he'll show his own DAC and transport at AXPONA in October. Here, some components were heavily modified from originals designed by others. The speakers were unique, with discontinued drivers, and the subwoofers were brand new and assembled at the show. Which makes what I heard even more amazing.

I left the room amazed. I also left with a sample of Schulz's contact enhancer, which I'm eager to try.

JenniferMartin's picture

but I had to leave when he started playing something with the sound of running/dripping water. Ugh.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Compared to the digital water I always heard on some artist's New Age albums--I've blocked their names out for good reason--the something brothers--I thought it sounded pretty good. But, yes, I get where you are coming from.