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Tiki Oasis Thursday through Sunday...


San Diego, Thursday through Sunday is Tiki Oasis, the RMAF/CES/T.H.E./etc. of Tiki.

Google it, find it, and please come visit the "Limoncello Lounge."

It will be a sea of wahines, Betty Page wanna-bees (I mean that in a good way,) exotica, aloha shirts, mugs, tropical libations, and primitive debauchery juxtaposed with space age modernity.

Tiki Oasis

We will try to unveil our new rose extract (yup, actual roses) "Rosecello," at near 160 proof.

Put it together with some lavendar and verbena syrups and we call it "The Bridle Bouquet," the next cocktail sensation.

We are also going to serve a breakfast drink - wheat grass juice and's called "The Lawnmower."

At Tiki Oasis, "Sex on the Beach" isn't a drink, it's a verb.

If you are an audiophile in Sam Diego, all the drinks are on me if you come visit.

Oh, yeah, the sound...

Live tunes at night, and at other times an unrecognizably modified T-amp into a pair of "Big Mike Modified" A/D/S 300C's with either the knocout 40 dollar Phillips or Sony CD player.

Martin Denny never sounded so good!

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Re: Tiki Oasis Thursday through Sunday...

This sounds amazing. I wish I could be there, Buddha. Have a great time!

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