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TIDAL streaming with Denon DRA 800 H

Hello Forum,

I have recently bought Klipsch RP600M speakers along with Denon DRA 800 H amplifier. I use Tidal (Hi-Fi/MQ) to stream the music on it.

but it does not sound good. what can I do to improve sound quality? does adding a pre-amp help? is the source good enough (I am running Tidal on my phone though I think the receiver streams it directly without involving the phone)

it has more treble than I would like, sometimes distorted and EQ does not make it go away. I think a pre-amp might help but not sure. it sounds distorted when playing some tracks but sound okay for others.


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Go native

Try using the receiver's native app instead of your phone. Might not be able to get full resolution, but it might sound better since you are subtracting hardware from the bitstream. You can also try outputting Tidal from a different streamer with higher resolution capability, like a PC.

Also recommend doing a trial of Amazon's Unlimited HD tier.

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