Three New Speakers from Raidho

At a well-organized Munich press conference, Danish speaker company Raidho, now owned by Dantax, introduced the successor to the X1, the Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor (€5800, presumably for the pair and equivalent to US$6210). The speaker is equipped with the company's planar-magnetic ribbon tweeter, which claims 50 times less mass than conventional dome tweeters; a 5.25" tantalum-coated ceramic-on-aluminum midbass driver, which claims to raise breakup modes to 15kHz; and a rear port. Frequency range is 70Hz–50kHz, impedance >6 ohms, sensitivity 85dB, and black piano and white piano finishes.

Not shown in the photo is the new Raidho X1.6, the company's speaker in its price range with a sealed tweeter, rear port and 6.5" ceramic driver (€7300). Frequency response is 45Hz–50kHz, impedance >6 ohms, and an 87dB sensitivity. Finishes are again black piano and white piano.

Towering over the other models, the new TD6 is as close as Raidho claims to get to the "real thing." At €200,000/pair, this speaker ain't cheap, but someone will walk away with a 175kg loudspeaker that has 6 rear ports. Frequency response is 25Hz–50kHz, –6dB, an 8 ohm impedance, and a sensitivity of 87dB. While the other new speakers have a minimum recommended amplifier power of over 50W, the TD6 does best with amps greater than 100W. Drivers include the same tweeter as the others, two 5.25" tantalum-diamond midranges, and six 8" tantalum-diamond bass units. The basic finish is black piano, but multiple colors are available.

In a system that also included Simaudio Moon electronics and Nordost cabling—all Raidho speakers boast Nordost internal wire—soundstages from all three models were huge and virtually holographic. Bass on the X1.6 was surprisingly robust, and the sound of the TD6 quite fabulous. I've promised myself to use one of Raidho's preferred demo tracks, Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity," in future reviews.