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Is the hype around the Job 225 amp real?

This is a fun looking amp, but there's very little info on it:

However, this is quite a glowing review:

What do you think?

Also, how important is the powercord for your amp?

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I would certainly need to know a lot more about it before I bought it.

Have you thought about the company, and what product support is like when it fails? Perhaps the Name JOB, a man who suffered greatly in biblical times, is a sly reference to the experiences you will have with their

Arcam and Musical Fidelity make excellent amplifiers, and I would look there first. They are companies that support their products.

Since the power supply of any amplifier converts the incoming AC into pulsating DC and then filters it until no trace of the AC remains, it seems absurd to me as an engineer that a power cord change could possibly make any difference.

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JOB is an offspring of Goldmund

Actually, these products are "the poor man's Golbmund", stripped of the nice case and other ergonomic goodies but still using Goldmund's technology. So if you don't mind a spartan look, no remote (AFAIQ) for the pre and protruding screwheads you'll get a lot of the Goldmund sound for very little money.

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