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Thorens TD190 turntable vs. Rega P1

hey i'd been planning on getting a Rega P1 but saw on craigslist in my city someone is selling a Thorens TD190 for $175...the rega is $350..

anyone have opinions of this? i'm ugrading from a late 80s technics sl 1200 belt drive w/newish grado $60 cartridge/needle combo...

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Re: Thorens TD190 turntable vs. Rega P1

If it were me, I would get the P1.
It's new in the box, so you know exactly what you are getting.
Plus you are getting a cartridge with zero hours on it.
It's very affordable and has gotten good reviews from just about everybody.
I did not find any reviews on the Thorens that would make me change my mind.
Just my humble opinion.

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Re: Thorens TD190 turntable vs. Rega P1

Many would suggest that the Rega P1 and the Music Hall 2.1 are comparable. Jim Hannon reviewed the Thorens TD190 for The Absolute Sound and compared it directly with the Music Hall 2.1. He found the Thorens superior in terms of speed stability, air around instruments, black backgrounds etc. The used price you have from a seller in your own city ought to allow you to hear the TT before buying so you can judge whether it is in mint condition and whether the cartridge is ready for replacement. Even if it needs a new cart, the price difference would seem to make the Thorens a bargain, particularly if you attach some value to automatic shutoff. You might want to contact Acoustic Sounds by Phone and see how those guys compare the two tables, I think they might sell both of them.

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