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Thorens TD-124 Renovation

How does one get word to Art Dudley to answer a question about his fascinating articles about the upgraded Thorens TD-124?

Although I upgraded mine to a Linn, I still have my old TD-124, boxed up, which was purchased new in 1965. It is in mint condition. What I am curious about is how the upgrade is mounted to the plinth. (We used to call it a base.) The original used rubber "mushrooms." One of the reasons I finally retired my Thorens was that I had run out of spare mushrooms and felt that the rumble I was hearing by then was primarily due to the deteriorated condition of the last of the mushrooms.

(BTW that Thorens was installed on a factory base with an SME arm and a Stanton 581E MM cartridge, the latter two items having replaced the original Empire arm and ADC Point 4E cartridge in 1971 or 1972, as I recall.)

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