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Thorens Q up device


Does anyone know of a currently available device that will lift the tonearm at the end of a record ?

I cant find any of the Thorens version on E-pray



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Re: Thorens Q up device

Audio Technica made a pretty good tonearm lift, but have discontinued new prodcution.

I just checked Ebay and Audiogon, and couldn't find one.

Needle Doctor, Music Direct, Elusive Disc, Audio Advisor, and Acoustic Sounds didn't have any listed, either.

I'd say to keep searching for "Audio Technica Tonearn Lift" and eventually you will be rewarded.

Jan Vigne
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Re: Thorens Q up device

With the economy in the dumpster and only getting worse each day, I'm certain you could hire an unemployed UAW worker for pennies a day to lift that tone arm whenever you wanted it lifted. That's what the "service industry" is all about.

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