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They are legion

They walk among us. You yourself - are one of them.

Sometimes...information gets through. The system is not perfect, and some residuals - slip through.

With the right kind of effort in hypnosis, either professional or self hypnosis, you..yes YOU.. can find such things within yourself.

Are you strong enough to understand that which is within you?

Even Elton John has tried it. To find out who he was..previously. He was curious, and manged to find out -WHY- he has no driving license and has a minor fear of cars. 10's of thousands have embarked on a quest to find out who they were prior to this life. And what they found, has changed them, completely. To the core-and beyond, it has changed them.

Madonna and Guy Richie both found out. If they 'made it', how about you, do you think that you can?

Madonna in the song, Bedtime Story:

Today is the last day that I'm using words
They've gone out, lost their meaning
Don't function anymore

Let's, let's, let's get unconscious honey
Let's get unconscious honey

Today is the last day that I'm using words
They've gone out, lost their meaning
Don't function anymore

Traveling, leaving logic and reason
Traveling, to the arms of unconsciousness
Traveling, leaving logic and reason
Traveling, to the arms of unconsciousness

Guy Richie, in the entire film, it's entire meaning.what it tries to transmit to the viewer, is that exact thing:

Even the Matrix, the entire set of films..this point..was the exact target. A retelling of the tales of yore..on what the truth of the world-actually is. For those, that is..who can escape their internal animal and manage to figure it out. To fight against the inner animal and it's fears - that is key. But to not fight it, but to calm it, and step - around it.

Every day, more and more people make it to this understanding which we all have inside and is hidden from us.

Some will deny. Deny with all their existence, their fears, their very lives, they feel are threatened by such a thought..that such a reality could even remotely -exist. Yet it does, in totality. For each of us -all of us.

They will fight it to the death before they will ever even attempt to consider, for even a second. The fears are that deep.

Just a simple thread on a simple reality. A thread to counter all the negative horseshit and fears that people trail around themselves with no real reason for having...just their animalistic fears and negativity.

Enough with the negative fears type threads, already!

People that are run -nay- controlled in sum total - by by the negative animal within. It controls the expression of their thoughts, their very consciousness. Such things that this thread are about, as an example, were fully supported by the Bible, before all such things were edited out. Part and parcel of/for the eradication of Gnostics - Just one group out of many.

Supported by +6000 years of ancient writings, society, culture and religion. Meaning, about +99%of all religions, even Christianity. Specifically supported, it was! As stated-such was edited out.Only in recent times have such truths been erased by so-called 'western culture'. It's been running blind - ever since.

If you have the strength to look, you will find literally thousands of similar stories, with a similar story of unbreakable truth within for you to try and tear down or refute. It sounds like religion, but only to the ignorant. Not even remotely is it 'religious' - that would be the animal inside labeling things out of fear in order to place the thing in a box of sorts and move it away....

After the 100th..the 200th..the 300th think you might be able to write it all off. But no. There it sits.

In your face.....and as real as the sun rising. Awareness of such is only the beginning. But that one small step would change the face of the planet. The more that take that step, the better a place to live that this planet will be.

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Re: They are legion

If reincarnation is true the real question is why. Why keep coming back to this existence? We're not allowed the barest memory of what happened before. If we are supposed to learn something how can this be done if we start with a "clean slate" each time? So, what's the point?
Given my "druthers", I choose to go elsewhere when my time is up on this particular go round. Do we have a choice? If not, why not? If there is no choice. What's the point?

If we are just constantly recycled where do new "spirits/souls" come from. Bringing new beings to this existence for nothing more than constant recycling makes very little sense.

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Re: They are legion

Yeah, they are legion.

I keep waiting for someone to report that they weren't Cleopatra or royalty in their previous life.

Looking at the population numbers, how many do you think there are?

Statistically speaking, not even everyone alive right now could have been able to have a past life. (We'd need to include other worlds or animal manifestations to keep the numbers stright; but none of regressors mention their previous lives as a hen or as an Ewok to make up the differences.)

Also, how do you know the people doing another round of life aren't being punished? Maybe it's a bad thing. Maybe it's a sign that all those former Pharaohs and queens should not be listened to, since they blew it so badly the first time and are repeating a grade.

I mean, If ya got recycled for a repeat life, then maybe it's a sign you sucked at it the firt time around and you're in the spiritual equivalent of summer school doing make up work.

Watch out for those past life people, they may be developmentally disabled, not enlightened!


KBK, do you know the percentage of people who do past life regression 'discover' a past life?

Nearly 100%.

Doesn't that make you wonder? The numbers don't add up.

Also, where's all the past-life hired help?

Given the statistics, how many examples have you seen of people doing past life regression and then saying, "Nope, not me, this is my first time through?"

About zero?

Funny, there should be scads of people on round one.

KBK, how many past lives of your own have you found?

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Re: They are legion

Don't take the brown acid.

Jan Vigne
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Re: They are legion

I'm sure Buddha will have something dismissive to say about Chopra.

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