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There's still hope ..

My CD transport (EMM Labs) conked out last week, and since it's gone for repairs, I've been listening exclusively to LPs. Yesterday, 16-yr old son comes over and asks me if I can show him how to use the record player! So far, his listening has been exclusively through his iPod or through his laptop (mp3), and he has never been curious about operating the CD player/DAC. Any of my CDs he liked, he ripped on his laptop and wouldn't care about the hifi.
So, amused, I relate this story to my girlfriend who is as far from being an audiophile than I am from designer handbags. I was pleasantly surprised when she replied "it's normal, records sound like real music"!

There's still hope

tom collins
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Re: There's still hope ..

i think there is hope too. my college children love my system, even some of their friends too. i believe that many of today's exclusive ear bud users will start to expand their horizons at some point in the future when what they are listening to no longer moves them. some will go to another person's home and hear a good system and get inspired and others will come to it on their own.

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Re: There's still hope ..

Anyone notice the new Lexus commercial where the world sort of floats up so the dude can race through the city? His destination: a RECORD store.

Have seen several other TTs and record related props in movies, commercials and TV shows lately.

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