Is there anything you're hoping to see from manufacturers at this year's CES?

Is there anything you're hoping to see from manufacturers at this year's CES?
Yes, this is what I want to see
87% (67 votes)
13% (10 votes)
Total votes: 77

The Consumer Electronics Show begins this week in Las Vegas, and hundreds of new audio products have already been announced. Is there anything you're hoping to see from manufacturers?

Nodaker's picture

I'd like to see increased competition in the budget minded DACs so we have an assortment to pick from. I love my little DAC Magic but I'm sure it will be surpassed in the near future. That technology would have cost $4000 a few years ago instead of the $400 or so it goes for now. DACs, come on down.

Eric Shook -- Pittsboro, NC's picture

Entry-level integrateds from the bigger players in hi-fi. A $1500 piece from McIntosh would be nice.

Rick James's picture

A universal software-storage/playback system with UHQ output DAC for high-end audio, without having to deal with all the combinations of codec, good-for-this-but-not-acceptable-for-that-style plethora of partial solutions hitting the market for server bases.

Bradford Boyce's picture

I would like to see subwoofer outputs on high-end two-channel preamplifiers. It sucks that you can't incorporate a subwoofer into the mix when using two-channel preamplifiers from some of the most highly reputable companies. I am trying to build a two-channel home theater/music system. I am trying to stay away from the usual A/V receivers and processors because they are not that musical and always keep updating constantly—it's almost like what you've invested in gets outdated. I think that with high-end preamplifiers like Audio Research Corporation, for instance, providing subwoofer outputs on their preamplifiers would be something even more special. The sources, Blu-ray players, CD players, etc, already have the processing capabilities.

Louis P.'s picture

How about components with real world prices? It's one thing when a system costs as much as a nice car, another altogether when each component costs that much. I would say that components that belong in systems ranging from $10-50,000 would cover up to the 99th percentile of the audiophile market, and not generate such hostility.

Greg's picture

An affordable touch-screen music manager for the home, similar in function to the ones hanging on the walls of our local pubs. This is a product that is long overdue.

MJR's picture

Multi-channel integrated amps. Multi-channel music needs to be served and not thrown into the pit of home theater sound from receivers.

Bill K's picture

Better D/A converters at lower prices.

Patrick's picture

True digital amplifiers at affordable prices (sub-$3000). Only two exist that I know of: the new NAD M2, and Tact Millennium. Also, I would like to see a trend towards a convergence of digital-sourced audio (WiFi music server + DAC + class-D or PWM amplification output). It would save on space, money, and headaches of matching interconnects and power cords.

Saltydawg's picture

What ever happened to less is more?

Johnny Buss's picture

Rockport speakers and speakers in general. DACs & music rippers/servers like Olive 4HD. And all the extreme stuff—give it to me!

djl's picture

That the lead-free propaganda was a hoax to sell more poorly produced products! Come on folks, let's build something like we mean it! I'm sick and tired of working on today's electronics because of poor manufacturing decisions.

Peter's picture

Wireless in-ear phones that are no bigger than my Sennheiser IEMs and that sound as good.

Henry Aguado's picture

I would like to see a product that can receive hi-rez (all formats, actually) digital audio from Ethernet and USB and present state-of-the-art output, as good as it gets—S/PDIF and AES outputs. No apologies, no qualifications—the absolute best. (If they want to build a version with a DAC built in, fine. But I want a digital only version first.)

Mike L.'s picture

Affordable speakers with woofers bigger than 6" or 7". Remember the Advent with the 10" woofer or ADS with double 10" woofer? They moved air and sounded right. Even for $6k today you can't get a speaker with a woofer bigger than 7" (B&W 803S). Today's speakers just don't move enough air in the bottom end, specs be damned.

Christian's picture

I'm hoping to see the new 800 series from B&W.

Jose From Costa Rica's picture

Please, more turntables, more SACD players, more nice DACs, more under-$1000 great components—the eternal fantasy of our hobby.

magpie's picture

Totally graphic/touch/voice interfaces. Just like Sooloos, Sonos, B&O—plus voice recognition..

hollowman's picture

High-rez downloadable audio files. FLAC or WAV. For WAV, 24/176 preferred

soren Zacharias's picture

A HDD/NAS solution with a very intuitive GUI (think iPhone) that can handle HD video and sound, with an output quality like the Oppo Blu-ray!

Bob Parish's picture

Tablets driving high-end DACs.

DLKG's picture

A lot more vinyl, carried in real stores at really great prices!

Jeff D'Andre's picture

Purely digital integrated amps à la the new NAD amp that takes the digital signal out of the computer and drives the output transistors directly.

Dave's picture

No consumers wasting manufacturers' or importers' time. Isn't it an industry show?

jackson borne's picture

The new The Memory Player from Nova Physics/Laufer

Bored's picture

I've seen enough.

Salih Niper's picture

Another $25,000USD priced CD player which has a boomerang-shaped razor-sharp remote controller (which eases the job when your wife throws something at your head after learning that you have spent $25,000 for just a CD player—throwing a 50-60lb unit at you is not so easy if she is not a weight lifter).

John H's picture

1) Radically lower prices, 2) Sound quality over looks, 3) A portable WAV player with digital out that could plug into a DAC via its USB plug.

BJC's picture

Grab your favorite music, your favorite beverage, your favorite chair—and enjoy.

Paul's picture

The truth about their products!