Theory + Application

Munich-based T+A, which is distributed in North America by Dynaudio, showed their new Power Plant integrated amp ($3100) and Music Player DAC/tuner/CD player ($4400), shown above with their optional FD 100 remote ($600; humbler handsets are included with the above at no additional charge). Driving a pair of Dynaudio Focus 260 Floorstanding speakers ($4900 per pair), the T+A combo had a pleasantly clear, smooth presentation.

T+A also displayed a prototype of their forthcoming DAC 8 D/A converter, which is projected to sell for under $3000. Built around dual 32-bit Burr-Brown DAC chips, the DAC 8 offers a choice of true balanced or single-ended operation, with all proprietary digital filter designs and sampling rates up to 192kHz.