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Theme Or Mix-n-Match ?

Stereophile often carries monthly issues focused on a 'Theme " or equipment categories...... An issue reviewing Amplifiers, or another that reviews 3 loudspeakers....

Since I have a greater interest in Electronics - from a technical standpoint - some magazine issues that do not have any reviews on amplifiers, leave me less than satisfied.

I wonder if other readers too have a similar 'bias' ?

My request is that Stereophile instead shift to 'balanced' issues, with each issue carrying reviews of equipment in each category eg : Amplifiers, Speakers, etc...

Thoughts from others & stereophile ?


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Re: Theme Or Mix-n-Match ?

At first reading, I had a problem with a couple of your premises: frequent "theme issues" where one category of equipment dominated and issues where electronics (amp/preamp) were given short shrift. I grabbed 6 random back issues off the shelf. None of them are more than a year old. Breaking down reviews and follow-up into Source Components, Electronics, Loudspeakers, and Accessories, I found that Electronics got 43% of the coverage overall, and it never was excluded. The percentage of coverage ranged from 27% to 71%.
Given that many of us don't have a bias, but are interested in systems, it would seem your favorite area is getting about as much attention as one might reasonably expect. Out of the six isssues in my informal review, I found one with no Source Components and one with no Loudspeakers but never encounted fewer than three addressing Electronics.

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