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Theater Innovations, TI-440R ??

I've got a great price for "Theater Innovations,TI-440R," listed on $799.00. However, I'm a bit reluctant to purchase it because I don't know anything about Theater Innocations company, there is no specification on the amp on the website, and there is no review on the amp at all.

Do you know anything about this amp, or about the specification?



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Re: Theater Innovations, TI-440R ??

Don't know if this is a joke... if not, it looks like these are the white van guys or something... anyway, I would steer clear from them....

Looks like stuff they ordered out of a Chinese OEM catalogue and had their name stamped on it...

(just in case this isn't a joke and you are wondering who the "white van" guyz are... They are people who sell cheap speakers or electronics out of their cars, in parking lots and flea markets, they usually say their boss ordered too and that they needed to sell the rest off quickly. Anyway, if you do a google search you will see what I mean.)

Here's a link I found about brands like them in general:

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