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Stephen Scharf
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Thanks to Conrad-Johnson, my system is (really and truly) "done"

I recently bought a Conrad-Johnson PV12 preamp to drive my Jolida JD801 as a power amp. I've been quite impressed with it in this application. The Jolida integrated works really well in this application as a power amp, and the sound is detailed, musical, and very easy to listen to.

On a lark Monday night, I was browsing Audiog and did a search for Conrad Johnson. A C-J Premier 11A power amp had just been listed and the seller was reasonably local. Today he brought it by for me to audition in my own system, and can guess how that turned out...I snagged it.

The seller brought it with some EI KT-90s, which he was using as he did not like the bass performance with 6550's, and while it sounded good with those, it really blossomed when we pulled them and installed cryo'd new issue Genalex Gold Lion KT88's from my Jolida JD801A, and put them in. Big improvement. Quite a bit more detail, transparency, articulation, with some impressive bass output. The bass drums in the first act of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet had incredible punch and authority, not to mention the rest of the music. The seller was freakin' out about how good it sounded, saying, "This system sounds better than mine...."

Put some rock on, old Fleetwood Mac and Led Zep, and it literally gave me goose bumps. The Premier 11A handles it all without strain. And of course, mates perfectly with the C-J PV12 pre I just got two weeks ago.

The best words to describe it are detailed, articulate, open, holographic imaging, DYNAMIC and AUTHORATATIVE.

No wonder Conrad-Johnson has the rep it

As of now, except for my little Pro-Ject Tube Box II phono stage and Grado Sonata cart, my entire system was purchased "used", and was put together for a total about $4300 (if you count the $600 I spent for my Rega Planar 3/SME III in 1981).

Okay, I'm done with acquiring gear...really and truly. Gonna list the Jolida on Audiogon and be done with things.

Now, it's just about the music.

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