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Thanks to JA and PM for their columns devoted to John Crabbe. Mr. Crabbe obviously meant quite a bit to both men. I too was a JC fan from my first read of HFNRR in the mid 1970's. Until the final issue with a JC column, I looked forward to the arrival of HiFi New's in my mail box to see what Mr. Crabbe had to say and about what item we was saying it. I have a copy of his "HiFi in the Home" on my shelves, it's time to take it down for another read.

Mr. Crabbe always struck me as the quintessential example of what an audiophile should represent to the world. There is no doubt he was among the best of the best, well versed in innumerable areas yet always curious to learn more. He was uncommonly willing to share his vast knowledge, more than able to explain the most complicated of topics in layman's terms and always dedicated to the pinnacle that audio as a hobby and music as a life's ambition should be. Today it is more than ever unlikely you'll find any two of those qualities in the same person. Unfortunately, a person such as JC does not come along often enough to remind us what it is we really should be looking to get from our music systems.

John Crabbe will be missed as much for his writings as for his personality. He will be remembered for as long as music is a part of a single audiophile's life.

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