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Thank you -Stereophile (and R J Reina)

Just wanted to thank the Stereophile staff for pointing me in the direction of the Dynaudio Excite X12's- Only had mine for 4 days (app. 35 hours burn in)but am already blown away by the sound -with the best yet to come.
The story begins about 6 weeks ago when I replaced a long list of cheap and or 2nd hand amps in my computer system with a Marantz PM5003 (another great recommendation from the 'phile guys!) This new amp now seriously shows the flaws in my amatuerishly customised el cheapo bookshelf speakers(massive 10mm thick front baffle!!!) So the idea of building another set of small b/shelf spkrs. enters my head- instead of solid wood as in my last effort this time I'll use MDF and then get them painted with high gloss auto paint. That was until a good friend told me about the real cost of getting them professionally painted -- I thought $300 would cover it, but in reality it would be closer to $800-$1,000!
So, with that idea on hold , I began checking reviews online around $1,000-1,200 range -Had just about set my mind on the PSB Imagine B Cherry veneer -obviously Sound was the priority ,but I also wanted them to look "special" - Then, the product of the year story appears on Stereophile and I'm introduced to Dynaudio.Rang the local Dyn. dealer, and the salesman talked up the X12's to such a degree that I was itching to get down to the shop to hear them!
Anyway, after an audition, I was sold and so was a pair of Gloss Black X12's - A real bargain at $US 975!
The problem is, they sound so good ,they are going to stay in my main system (Primare I30,Cambridge Audio 840C) and my beloved solid pine Homemades will transfer to my computer system
Anyhoo ,thanks Stereophile for recommending such a great speaker!!!

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I heard the little Dynaudio's at a local dealer and thought they were great . I will be getting a pair for my second ( garage ) system . Anyone no how they work with Levinson Gear , I have an amp and preamp left over from a past system .

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