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Jim Tavegia
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A thank you to AD's wife....

I really enjoyed AD's review of the Audio Note AN-E. It was insightfull and enlightening. Peter Qvortrup only proves that "some people get it some of the time" and was brave and bold enough to take Peter Snell's ideas and old inventory and move ahead, when others did not know what they did HAVE! When a simple 2 way 8" design is maxed out AD knew what he was hearing was magical.

It is when Art's wife came into the room to clarify why we are into this hobby in the first place...realism, or as close as we can get to it, regardless of whose products are recreating it. She reminded us that when it sounds REAL we will be drawn to the sound.

I dare say that is all most of us want from our playback systems...that level of realism that makes us want to hear more music expertly played and accurately reproduced. When our own friends and family are struck like Art's wife was we now begin to believe we have assembled something worth having. When the lines of reporduced sound and live sound become blurred that is magical.

ps. As I re-read this current issue I must say that it is a very, very good issue. Great speakers, old and new, affordable and not so; killer turntable reviews, and another affordable killer class A amp.

My only tiny gripe is the cover with: Special Report: DIANA KRALL RECORDING SESSION. ??? Even I must admit that is a stretch. She was THERE and sang one song, but it was Anthony Wilson's session Diana happened to come to...for one song. I am glad she did as I am a big fan and can't wait for the disc to come out. Hats off to Thomas Conrad, that lucky dog!

I do hope you will continue to privide this type of "recording session" articles. They are insightfull and great fun to read.

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