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Tensegrity Speaker Stands

Hi everyone,

I am strongly considering building a pair of stands for my bookshelf speakers. The design will be based on the Tensegrity design (see video below), also known as the floating table or impossible table.
Here's an example

I think they look really cool. The fact that the pieces would be linked by Fluorocarbon lines (read thick and clear fishing line), means the table would be a superb isolation stand.

I'm all in for a little project, I have some Bunbinga wood available and need to do something with it.

I guess I'm wondering if anybody has built this type of table with as a speaker stand before. I've googled and youtubed it, without success. I like to think that I am smart but there is no way in hell I am the first one to think of this.
I'm looking for feedback on whether the idea is stupid or if there's anything in particular to consider (aside from the obvious, height, weight etc)... If you've done this, how are the speakers handling at louder volumes? I'm having a hard time picturing what the vibration would look like as those tables can twist a little under pressure and if the strings aren't perfectly of the same length.

If you've done this or have seen it done, any feedback will be appreciated!

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That's an interesting idea.

That's an interesting idea. Tensegrity tables look neat but I've often wondered if there is any practical application for them. I built some small tensegrity stands using popsicle sticks, hot glue, and light fishing line. They are not particularly stable unless you use a very strong, stretch resistant material for the wires and pull them very tight. The solid structure needs to be very stiff too. I'd think aluminum structure with steel cables might be needed to hold up a speaker. I put a couple small figurines on one of the popsicle platforms and it sagged pretty badly.

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