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philippe barone
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Tekton Double Impact-Very Dissapointing

I am a musician of many years and was responsible for making some really great players sax mouthpieces which I did for almost four decades and I also have my own line of saxophones for what that’s worth.

I bought my Double Impacts on a few months ago and at which time was informed that they would take about ninety days to receive. When I didn’t receive any tracking info I emailed and received a response saying that they were waiting on parts and that it would be another two weeks. When I didn’t hear anything after two weeks I called and spoke with Eric Alexander who sounded very stressed out and said they’d be two more weeks and rushed me off the phone. I just about thought he was gonna have a heart attack so I wrote him an email explaining that I was in a similar business making saxophone mouthpieces and that I had my own line of saxophones and made a couple of suggestions including meditation to calm down.

Two weeks went buy and I called and spoke to a very nice women named “Connie” at which time she told me that they’d be shipping out in a few days and I did receive them a few days later by which I was very excited. I hired a couple of guys to help me get them up the stairs of our place and set them up and boy, was I disappointed. They weren’t complex sounding, lacked bass and highs and completely lacked definition. They had no presence and above all were not at all exciting and I played everything on them from Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Scarlatti piano sonatas, BB King with a full horn selection, Bill Evans, Mozart’s symphony #41 in C major, even some rap, my whole playlist plus a bunch of CD’s. They sounded very one dimensional and almost like surround sound which I’m not a big fan of only, the sound didn’t reach me. They didn’t project and when I hear the left hand on a Rachmaninoff piano concerto it had better have some umph. Even when I listen to my much smaller Yamaha studio monitors, I can hear them in the next room and when I use my car’s stereo which only costs two-thousand dollars, its exciting. Now, the Double Impacts did do better at higher volumes but never sounded full no matter how loud and I can’t listen to them loud all the time.

When you boil it down, I bought them on what reviewers had to say. One reviewer said something like that they were worth speakers costing more than ten thousand dollars and another one said that some audiophiles were trading in their THIRTY-thousand-dollar speakers for the Double Impacts. Well, I’d like to meet those people. Ultimately, after doing lots of research, I bought into something that from my perspective just wasn’t true. It reminded me of when I bought two of those “My pillows” which I won’t go into here. For all I know they could be good speakers but NOTHING like they’re described to be in reviews, no way.

So, I wrote several comments on YouTube and Eric commented back saying that something was wrong and to call him which I did and I found him very, very defensive as if I personally insulted him. I had frustrated artists syndrome myself so I know it when I see it. He even at one point in the conversation said to one of his employees “Connie! How many Double Impacts have we gotten back out of the last 200 we sold?” To which of course she said “none”. I could barely even get a word in edgewise but managed to say that I’d be willing to buy a more expensive speaker to which he said that it wouldn’t help. Ultimately, he suggested that I send him photos so instead I sent him a video to which he made one comment but these speakers have a long way to go before I'll ever like them so today I ordered a pair of Klipsch Forte IV's. My amp is a PrimaLuna EVO 300. My rant is over. Don't believe the reviews.

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This is a very odd story...

This is a very odd story... not from your side... but the company. My experiences with reviews over the last fifty years is that they may get some nuances off but they are generally correct. But also, you get what you pay for. But I would say your description sounds like that of $300 speakers being sold as High end. So, the first question is it possible they are not placed well in a room with terrible acoustics? Your integrated amp is of good quality.

The behavior of the people at the company really sound strange. Struggling to stay afloat?

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He was quite defensive in a thread on Audiogon lately too.

The global supply chain is a mess now, and Covid is not making it better. That likely explains the delays. The rest ... no excuse.

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Sorry to hear about that...

That’s a really lousy experience. I almost bought a pair of TektonXL’s a few months back. I joined the Tekton FB group and it just beat me over the head with bullshit. Something didn’t sit right with me. For one, there were wayyyyy to many models of loudspeaker. I’m talking like upwards of 30+. And there was no way to audition them. The trolls on the group jumped all over it like “Good things are worth taking risks” or “The Double Impact has a more perfect response curve than anything by Wilson”. My favorite was “Eric is a drummer and he figured out the SIN waves in his patented tweeter array to breakdown live music and horn instruments with ease”. I originally was drawn to the Pendragons...but the reviews online were either “These are beating speakers $10-20k over their price!” Or “I hated them...completely incoherent bombastic mess”.

When I called Tekton I got a receptionist, just like you did...who couldn’t answer any of my questions. Something didn’t add up. I also heard of speakers being sent with mismatched grills, or that they still smelled of fresh paint. The best was everyone new to the group had the same question...”If these are so good why isn’t there a distribution deal? Or are they really this good? “ Not to mention that array is beyond ugly. I showed my wife and she said “No fuckin way”. Now a pair of Sonus Faber Sonettos V grace our family room.

My only constructive criticism of your initial review is that they made have needed substantial break in time. I’m not sure if you tried this or not. But I did have a slight schadenfreud moment for all those dorks in the FB group to hear the unbeatable DI sounded like shit lol. They used to find people that had negative reviews on forums...and they’d swarm in like losers just blowing up their spot. I think you know what I’m talking about!

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I don’t mean to be mean but

I don’t mean to be mean but all speakers sound as you described right outta the box. One must exercise considerable patience.

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Story seems strange.

If your Double Impacts lacked bass,richness, and projection, something is very very wrong. Either there's an equipment problem or a setup problem, because I could never describe them that way. My personal experiences and those of most owners of these speakers echo that of the reviews. There's a vocal minority who don't like them, but not for the reasons you describe.

I'm going to assume that you triple checked your wiring, because what you're describing sounds like something out of phase. If that all checks out, then maybe something was wired incorrectly at the shop.

The response you got from Eric is indefensible, though many of these boutique speaker builders seem to have rather "unique" personalities to say the least.

If it's at all possible , I HIGHLY suggest that you find someone near you with a set and audition their pair to see if it's really an issue with the speaker as designed or something with your particular setup. I think it would be a real shame to miss out on everything these can do if there's a chance something is not right with yours.

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Something must be wrong

I own Double Impacts. For the money, an absolute amazing speaker. There has to be something wrong with your set up or speakers IMHO.
Mine are good at bass but not earth shaking. I attribute it to my room. Other than that, they take your breath away. Numerous friends and family say how good they are.

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