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Technics SL-PG100 not playing CDs? Am i dumb??

Just got a Technics SL-PG100. It's seemingly in good shape. When I insert a CD and hit the play button the discs are not playing. rather than giving me a timeline counting up it is just blank with no numbers. Here is a picture of the display ( Am i just not using it properly or is there an issue with the device itself? I have tried cleaning the laser with alcohol and this has not given me any results.

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Yeah that is weird. When you

Yeah that is weird. When you put a disc in, by the default, the display should show track "1"...but it looks like that's the only thing it's doing correctly. It should show the total number of tracks (all those smaller numbers along the bottom). Unless the disc you had in when you took the photo has 17+ tracks, then that's not working. Also there should be a time display next to the track "1"...either time elapsed, total disc time, etc...but you're not getting anything. If you cleaned the lens, it might be a bad laser diode. Unless you're willing to get in there and test things out, sadly, I think it would cost more to have it fixed than what it's worth. But maybe someone here has experienced the same thing and have some ideas.

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