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Tchaikovsky Piano No 1


Ive been into this peice a while but recently got a kick on it when i purchased the Cliburn Living stereo SACD. I mmediately found a mint LP on fleabay for $10 but which other versions of this are out there and note worthy ? particularly any vinyl versions.



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Re: Tchaikovsky Piano No 1

(I don't know anything about vinyl editions, but I can recommend some excellent performances). There are probably 200 different readings currently in print, and I have probably heard no more than 1/4 of them. I'll confine my recommendations to recordings with good or better than good sound quality, but there are tons of historical recordings if you don't mind antique sound.

Argerich, Kondrashin (Phillips)
Argerich, Dutoit (DG)
Richter, Karajan (DG)
Gilels, Mehta (Sony)
Graffman, Szell (Sony)
Kissin, Karajan (DG)

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