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The Tatum Group Masterpieces

Pablo has put out some great music in the past but I have to admit that the Tatum Group Masterpieces with Art Tatum, Ben Webster, Red Callender and Bill Douglass is one of the best jazz recordings I have ever heard. Recorded in 1956 in Los Angeles this is music to relax to and marvel at just how good jazz can really be. Ben Webster is a great musician and his sax playing is so good that you might just want to listen to this again and again. As I listen to these classics from the 60's and 50's I am often saddened that a lot of these artists are not around anymore. Can you imagine what it must have been like to walk in midtown Manhattan and see a whose who of jazz performing in the clubs? Coltrane, Miles, Ben Webster, Thelonious...I am not sure that they can ever be replaced

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