Take a look at this photo of JA from his salad days and let us know what you think.

Speaking of misspent youth, we've now set up a "History of Stereophile" section in our new online <A HREF="http://forum.stereophile.com/photopost/" TARGET=NEW>Galleries</A>. Check out <A HREF="http://forum.stereophile.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=99&password=&... TARGET=NEW>this photo of JA</A> from his salad days and let us know what you think.

Take a look at <A HREF="http://forum.stereophile.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=99&password=&sort=1&cat=510&page=1" TARGET=NEW>this photo of JA</A> from his salad days and let us know what you think.
Far out, man!
59% (40 votes)
Looks like one of my photos
29% (20 votes)
Cancel my subscription
12% (8 votes)
Total votes: 68

Tom Warren's picture

I see a longing ambition in his eyes.

John Valvano's picture

And the sign said, 'long haired freaky people need not apply'. I remember that song!

Nodaker's picture

Looks like the '60s and '70s to me. Can't say I looked a lot different. No hair or facial hair now....but it's much easier to take care of so I'm not missing it much.

Puff the Magic Dragon's picture

Far out man!! You got anymore gomer greens?

Rob Cornelson's picture

Funny, he doesn't look English.

Anonymous's picture

abut a lot less hair than I had back then. Peace bro!

Les's picture

Now I know I can trust what he writes.

Donald N.'s picture

Ha ha! Love it—reminds me of how we all have common experiences and should respect one another (and enjoy the music more!).

Lord Elpus's picture

Beer leads to heroin!

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

The photo only serves to remind me how much I, too, have aged. You've made my week!

Joe Evans's picture

Was he smoking something illegal when that was taken? Is it a mug shot?

Al (uncovered)Earz's picture

Dude, so like were all the speakers a little more mellow then? Got a haircut and the highs got brighter?

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

Salad days? What part of the meal is he on now? Groovy!

Help's picture

Here, take my wallet. Take the Rolex. Hell, take the car!

Gregg Fedchak's picture


Jazzfan, New Jersey's picture

I checked "Looks like one of my photos," but the choice really should have been "Looks like one of my OLD photos". Brit prog rock forever!

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

I thought that photo was supposed to go with last week's progressive rock question. The hair is as long as the songs.

Dave in Dallas's picture

Just a suggestion - ask your readers to submit suugestions for 'question of the week' when you are out of ideas - like this week.

macksman's picture

Didn't he go by "Crazy" back in the day? Rode an old one lung BSA with a ridiculously extended front fork and could throw a frisbee clean out of sight, right? I think I knew him in college in Sherman, Texas in '71/72. Obviously a good man.

Dazed AND Confused's picture

Bass players and beer. A match made in, well, um ... maybe not heaven

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

What a long, strange trip it's been!

Mike Agee's picture

Letting your "freak flag fly" to those of us who did, wasn't it great? Now, as an up-and-coming curmudgeon I have the right to moan about "the kids these days", and one of the top items is this: How are you going to look back fondly on a misspent youth if you shave your head? Samson lost his power that way, remember? I mean, my hair's seriously goin' south these days, thankfully I know what a tousled mop feels like blowing in the wind, catching passing bees, primping it like a girl. Shaved heads are synominous with conformity and mindless devotion, unless of course you can't help it, then it's cool. Bald guys must love it, and I can relate these days, but come on kids: lighten up, grow it out! Piss off your elders with a dare, don't do it by looking like you just got drafted!

Anonymous's picture

I think you guys have run out of ideas for the weekly question.

Al Marcy's picture

Salad? We were all rugged individualists! Sigh ;)

audio-sleuth's picture

I think I still owe John a dime bag.

Chris L.'s picture

Definitely a bassist.

Dave M.'s picture

Oh, hair. I remember it well. Unfortunately, those blondish locks that went down to my shoulders eventually continued on down the drain.

Phil Meades's picture

Didn't I see Roddy MacDowell playing this guy around about 1972?

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

You realize of course, that many of us first discovered the joy of the high-end when we were stoned.

Chris S.'s picture

Hippies! Hippies everywhere! Seriously, I'm a bit young, shaved, and showered to really "get" that look.