T+A PA3100 HV integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital sources: dCS Rossini DAC and Rossini Clock; EMM Labs DV2 Integrated DAC; T+A SD 3100 HV DAC; Synology 5-bay NAS 1019+; Roon Nucleus+ music server, Uptone Audio etherRegen, Small Green Computer Sonore opticalModule, TP-Link gigabit Ethernet media converters (2) with multimode duplex fiberoptic cables, Linksys routers (2), and Arris modem, all powered by HDPlex 200W (1) and 300W (2) four-component linear power supplies; external hard drives, SSD USB sticks, iPad Pro; Apple 2017 Macbook Pro computer with 2.8 GHz Intel i7, SSD, 16GB RAM.
Preamplifier: Dan D'Agostino Momentum HD.
Power amplifiers: Dan D'Agostino Progression monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio Specialties Alexia 2.
Headphones: Audeze LCD-X with Nordost Heimdall 2 headphone cable.
Cables: Digital: Nordost Odin 1, Odin 2, and Valhalla 2 (USB) and Frey 2 (USB adapter); Wireworld Platinum Starlight Cat8 (Ethernet). Interconnect: Nordost Odin 2. Speaker: Nordost Odin 2. AC: Nordost Odin 2 and Valhalla, AudioQuest Dragon HC, Kimber Palladian.
Accessories: Grand Prix Monza 8-shelf double rack and amp stands, 1.5" Formula platform, Apex footers; Nordost QB8, QX4 (2), QK1 & QV2 AC power accessories, QKore 1, 3, and 6 with QKore Wires, Titanium and Bronze Sort Kones, Sort Lifts; AudioQuest Niagara 5000 power conditioner and NRG Edison outlets and JitterBugs; Tweek Geek Dark Matter Stealth power conditioner with High Fidelity and Furutech options; GreenWave AC filter; Ansuz Darkz T2S resonance support feet; Wilson Audio Pedestals; IsoAcoustics Orea footers, Vibex PDR footers; Stillpoints Aperture panels; Resolution Acoustics room treatment; Stein Music Super Naturals, Blue Suns/Diamonds, Quantum Organizer; Bybee Room Neutralizers; Absolare Stabilians; Symposium Ultra Platform; Marigo Aida CD mat.
Room: 20' L × 16' W × 9' H.—Jason Victor Serinus

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
Planckstrasse 9-11, 32052 Herford,
East Westphalia, Germany
US/Canada sales: David Schultz
(207) 251-8129

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Really, all measurements done by JA are within the cited specs. Although THD could be lower from a technical point of view (at least for this price) IMHO it's not audible in most real world situations. I'm not so sure about the latter regarding IMD because IMD is not harmonically related.

It's a pity that the room EQ module was not included for review. It's probably the best investment one can do when buying it (at least I can say that I never had better sound in my living room than after using room EQ with my Classé Sigma SSP mk2) so testing it to see if enabling it has more advantages than disadvantages would have been important for many audiophiles.

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Seems like another great product , distortion vs freq is excellent even thou oddly square wave response does let on to some slewing, open loop gain must be excellent. Nice to see power meter readings are accurate as many are not doing so today , would have liked to see lower 8ohm power say 200 rms for better current drive ..


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Plugging this amp into a power conditioner , instead of straight to the wall may require a second subjective review opinion ..


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did this company bother to check what T&A means in the USA?

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If you look at their website, they clearly state in English that, "...T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology." Same meaning here as there.


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Just to clarify something, many old master paintings look dark because they are old, not because they were intended to be dark. Their original palette is often quite different than what we see today. See if you can find the digitally restored Mona Lisa for instance. Wow!

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but the Rembrendts in the Metropolitan Museum (NYC) are fresh as new after a very long very careful "cleaning"


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was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Nonetheless, here's an article that shows a cleaned Rembrandt. While the face itself is more brightly illumined, the background is still dark. https://www.frick.org/sites/default/files/archivedsite/exhibitions/rembrandt/conservation.htm

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The Mona Lisa was by da Vinci. My point to use her was any time we are thinking about how painters worked, or what they intended we should include the natural aging process in our consideration.

I used da Vinci specifically because the digitally restored Mona Lisa is startling. The Rembrandt you pointed out is more luminous and detailed after restoration. Yes, the background is dark but the impressions can change. :)

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Single Brand Music Systems have always seemed logical .

I wouldn't want a Car made up of parts from a great many unrelated and unconnected Manufacturers, who would?

Decades ago, I imported the beautiful Meridian Product Line, I also loved LINN's simplicity and logic.

Your T&A piece seems a capable All-in-one Music System that my wife wouldn't mind having in our ( her ) living rooms vs. the scattering of unsightly boxes & wires that kinda makes my gear look like a Picasso designed system which probably has much in common with our typical basement dwelling ( banished ) audio hobbyist. ( I no longer have a basement but do have a Semi-attached/detached shed ).

You covering these Integrated Amps is making darn-good sense, they are clean solutions to everyman's dilemma: how to make mysterious gear look good & work properly ?

Thank You, nice work !

Tony in Venice Florida

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" Single Brand Music Systems have always seemed logical. I wouldn't want a Car made up of parts from a great many unrelated and unconnected Manufacturers, who would?"
- Tony Kaz

You are now forgetting the many OEMs supplying that industry that you used to work in? eg. Dana, Tremec, Z-F, JTEKT-Torsen, Brembo, Koni, NSK, Recaro, Bridgestone, etc.

Likewise most electronics assemblies.

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There are thousands of OEMs supplying.

The one Brand like Chevy designs, builds, distributes, services, warrantees, organises Sales Dealerships as well as advertises and does Bank Financing.

Chevy also owned it's OEMs and efficiently sold them off!

I love and admire the Single Brand Gear like B&O, LINN, SCHIIT, etc. I just don't own one but my wife would certainly choose one. I did own and love an Electrocompaniet System.

My issue is that I tend to meet and like a manufacturer, I impulse buy his product which will probably replace something that I'll end up selling in Asia ( for a small profit ).

I personally prefer shirt pocket Audio Gear running 16/44. Selling Audio Gear is an escape strategy hobby powered by eBay technology, ( an exciting 21st Century development )! I'm not storing any of my loved audio gear, it's all loooooonnnnngggg gone.

By the way, Chinese gear mostly has No Brand Names to speak of ( or re-sale value for that matter ) The Chinese want Brand Names like JBL, vintage McIntosh, etc.

Tony in Venice Florida

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I do find it a bit off-putting how JVS has to constantly mention how much more expensive his own equipment is.