T+A Elektroakustik's new Cable Line

With the assistance of Jochen Fabricius, who designed T+A's new cable line, I learned that T+A's Speaker Hex ($1600/3m pair) uses new Rhodium contacts, and contains six cores of stranded wire that are twisted for low inductance. Audio Triax coaxial cabling ($700/0.7m pair, $850/1.5m pair), which is used for analog, digital, and antenna applications, uses new 4x shielding for spls above 120dB, and comes in BNC, RCA, F-plug and coaxial terminations. Other cables include Audio Quad Neutrik XLR interconnects ($800/0.7m pair, $1000/3m pair), Audio Power Three C13 15A power cable ($400/1m, and $600/3m), and equally priced Audio Power Three C19 20A power cable. All cable jackets have anti-static properties.

The other new product from T+A is the Power Bar (the Power Bar 2+3 costs $2600, and the 2+5 $3100). Both Power Bars contain, among their outlets, two designed specifically for high-current amplifiers. Not only are these connected with thicker wire than are the sockets reserved for other components, but they are also located closer to the wall in order to deliver more power to current-sucking amps.