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Systemdek IIX questions

Opinions on tweaks I made
-Removed bottom cover
-Applied some Dynamat to the under side of the plinth, the suspension brackets and arm board. (2-3hz suspension rate seams OK with the added weight)
-Used WD-40 to get the bearing out of the spindle, cleaned it and use synthetic motor oil when I put it back
-I wrapped the arm a bit (electrical tape)

Systemdek appears to have made 2 different spindle shafts. one smoth and one with a spiral groove. I assume the groove makes sure oil is moved all arouind the shaft? I use the spiral grooved one.

Any thoughts on switching the glass platter for acrylic? The acrylic is lighter (rememeber I used some Dynamat)and I think quieter? (The glass platter came with a great mat. it's soft rubber and seems to deaden the platter well and the records don't slip on it.)

Any idea who makes the stock Systemdek arm?

Anyone ever seen or used the Systemdek IV? If so is it worth the trade up and $. (They are rare used)

Any other tweaks?

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Re: Systemdek IIX questions

The stock Systemdek arm was made by Sumiko. I have this arm on my IIX, and although I always wanted to replace it with a higher-grade unit, it actually sounds pretty good. I'm using a Denon DL-103 MC in it.

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