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System upgrade recommendations


I am planning an upgrade path for a stereo set up in my living room. Would anyone have any suggestions on what to focus on first with my current set up.

DAC: Geshelli Labs J2
Speakers: Jamo CS93 ii with Jamo S 810
Streamer: Bluesound node 2i

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what is wrong with your current setup? what are you least satisfied with?
I'm not familiar with your speakers, but frankly I'm a little partial to brands like SMSL and Topping, who pay an army of "experts" and "scientific reviewers" to sing them praises online. At the same time, I never heard SMSL (but had an unfortune to own a Topping amp that was terrible).

So maybe you can describe what is leaving you dissatisfied with your sound? Try to walk through some HiFi shops and listen to their demo setups that would be within your budget- this way you can see if it is worth it or not. Then you can start comparing what you heard to what you might want to listen and compare.
Good luck!

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