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Switched kt88 tubes from JJ to Gold Lion - best sounding unsure

Upgraded my Audio Space Galaxy 88 amplifier's tubes about a month ago with a quad of Gold Lion kt88 from kt88 JJ's. Immediately found a significant improvement listening to jazz where seems instrument's details when running LP's, for example piano and other instruments more natural, better separation, better transparency. Same with rock music, etc.
Found most CD's sound great as well, but I just can't figure out why on one particular CD that I've listened hundreds of times on my JJ's, it does not sound as good with the Gold Lions. This is Cirque du Soleil's Alegria sound tracks. It seems the woman singing is more piercing and clear with the JJ's and the drums more dynamic and powerful as well, and I get better separation, transparency with those drums, and the Gold Lions are more muddy. I would have thought that listening to anything would be improved with the Gold Lions. I have switched the tubes about three times and still finding this peculiarity.
Wondering could this be due to needing more burn-in time and might resolve itself, I've got about 20-25 hours on the Gold Lions?

Still highly recommend the Gold Lions as everything else is more detailed, and happy with them for everything else.


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