A Survey of Foster 443742 Variants: Measurements

This story originally appeared at InnerFidelity.com

I'm going to spend the week parsing the differences between a number of the variants of the Foster 443742 (seen on page H-4 of this .pdf). This survey will include: Fostex TH900, TH900mk2, and TH610; Massdrop THX00; Denon ADH-D5000; and the E-Mu Teak stock, and with optionally available Rosewood and Mahogany cups.

Today, I'm just posting up the measurements .pdf. I'll be doing some disassembly and posting basic pictures of the insides on Wednesday. And Friday I'll post my listening impressions.

The measurements are interesting. It's pretty obvious the E-Mu and Massdrop cans are cut from very much the same cloth as the original Denon models. The Fostex TH900, TH900mk2, and TH610 are clearly different.

Looking forward to the listening! Guesses at which I'll prefer welcome in the comments...if you dare.