Sumo Athena preamplifier TJN's System

Sidebar 1: TJN's System

Associated equipment used in auditioning the Athena included the Well-Tempered Arm on a VPI turntable, Grado MCX and Dynavector 17D pickups (a vintage, but little-used sample, this particular pickup chosen primarily for its very flat high end and otherwise good overall performance in the Well-Tempered Arm), PS Audio 200Cx and Sumo Polaris amplifiers (and, briefly, the Motif MS100), Epos ES 14 (primarily) and VMPS Tower II/R (briefly—to fill in for the low-end limits of the Epos) loudspeakers, and Monster M-1 loudspeaker cables and M-1000 interconnects.

Preamps used for comparison included the Klyne SK-5A and PS Audio 4.6 (with and without the optional M-500 heavy-duty power supply).—Thomas J. Norton

Company no longer in existence (2014)

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Refreshing to read a true report with a similar product as opposed to a typical isolated review of today....also compare the length of this report to the bloated and graph filled current ones, which maybe have a tiny comparison section at the end. That's all we really want and need guys. Lesson learned?