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Summer flicks!

Got to see "Predators" last night and loved it.

A few problems with continuity, but all in all everything I could hope for in a Predator movie!

I read the reviews, and it averaged a D or D- from the critics....but wouldn't a Predator movie kind of be beyond criticism?

If some dipshit in the New Yorker says, "Fellini it isn't," wouldn't that mean the guy should have never been allowed beyond the popcorn counter to begin with?

My endorsement: "Predators. Fellini it isn't!"

Kind of like someone who hates Peter Gabriel to begin with being assigned to review his newest disc. Why bother?

As a Predator aficionado, this flick has it all...including a great open ended ending...and I will say no more.

Took the kids to see The Last Air Bender, as we were fans of the series. As members of the 'real' Avatar fan cluib, we agreed M. Knight Shamalama fumbled the ball again.

Toy Story 3: Too much dire peril and not enough levity.

Grown Ups: No, thanks.

Man, I need some time for grown up movies, like Hot Tub Time Machine!

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Re: Summer flicks!

Have seen Toy Story 3 THREE times if you can believe it- loved it each time as did my film-buff Pixarian four year old.

Old release, but saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- very good! Edgy, sexy, moody, dark... a flick that keeps coming back to me weeks after.

Saw Knight and Day- fun while there, not a lot to chew on after.

Will definitely be seeing "I Am Love" with Tilda Swinton for some good Italian moody romance and intrigue. Have a weird thing for her, and advance reviews look good.

Looking forward to seeing Inception for adult fair, and Despicable Me for more kiddie fun.

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