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suggestions for a home pc audio system - newby

Hi there all,

so, it seems i'm slowly becoming an audiophile too.......and being a new one i would kindy need your feedback/help on a couple of component i should go for, to optimize the home audio system i have in mind....

Basically i am storing and listening my music from my macbook pro/itunes at 259/320 kbps mp3.
My idea is to have a simple, but hi-fi/optimized system accordingly.
Please bear with me and if i write in a simple and perhaps wrong form, as i am somehow new to this audiophile world...

I recently bought a Motu Microbook DAC, to connect my macbook and improve the output sound.
Now, i wish to complete the system, with 2 passive tower speakers and i would need a adequate amplifier to power them up.
Maybe on a 2nd stage i will look into adding a good subwoofer.
The music i listed the most is electronic, dub, house, techno, and all this sort.....
I would like to have a good power out of the speakers, but definitely i'm not looking to blast my neighbors.
I would like to have more of a clear and clean sound.
The room i would use to locate the system is not big, around 11 sq/mt (118 sq/ft).
I am reading online since a month and understood the choices of well tuned speakers with the amplifier is very important, but i wouldn't really have all that knowledge to choose myself.
Red that a bi-amplified and shielded speakers would be better, etc......

My budget would be:
- 1000 euros for the speakers
- 600 euros for the amplifier

Would you suggest something appropriate please?

Thanks for reading me.


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