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Suggested Follow up on Finite Element Review

Thanks to BK for the review of the Finite Element products. I especially appreciated that he put the value of the various components in perspective to their costs and the costs of his existing components.

I'd like suggest that JA do a follow up with measurements of the actual damping etc. effects of these products, and see to what extent they correlated with BK's listening impressions. I always find JA's equipment measurements an extremely valuable insight to the product and especially his comments as to how the measurements do or do not cohere with the observed performance. I think with a bit of creativity and his trusty plastic tape accelerometer, he should be able to demonstrate to what extent the various FE products do damp/absorb vibration (and over what particular load ranges they are most effective), and how such performance varies with the supported product (more or less performance in a CD player vs. an amp).

Thanks again for reviewing this accessory. I look forward to reviews of similar products.

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