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Subwoofer to pair with AR-4x speakers

Hello Newbie here,

Looking for opinions:
I was wondering what the optimal size and brands of subwoofer to pair with my vintage AR-4x speakers for just a little extra low end. The 4x's have nice bass already with the 8" woofers but I like a little extra now and then. Thanks

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SVS SB 2000 Pro Is One Way To Go

I prefer sealed subs for music. This is a compact but very capable sub with helpful app corrective capability. You just missed a hell of a SVS sale on the SVS SB 2000

If you are comfortable setting up and can find one, the SVS SB 2000 has been very good. I own one and it has added very useful musicality to music and no slouch on home theater in my 12 x 20 space. I think Kal Rubinson has a few SVS subs he is trying in his system and hopefully we will see some reviews about them.

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I have a Hsu VTF2 mk5, which

I have a Hsu VTF2 mk5, which I really like. Very strong and tight bass, but it is a bigger sub. If your system does not offer the option, I would recommend a high pass filter. I have a passive 100hz high pass, which has improved the mid range detail and takes some stress off my towers.

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