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Subwoofer match for Avalon Symbols?

Hi all,

I just picked up a pair of Avalon Symbols for my apartment, which blew my mind during the audition process - seemed like a great way to get the Avalon sound at a reasonable price. As they are multichannel speakers, they possess an incredibly neutral and fast high/midrange - but zero bass, given their dedicated role.

I heard them with the REL T2, which sounded respectable enough, but would appreciate suggestions on what sub may work best when paired with this particular model.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Subwoofer match for Avalon Symbols?

Rel makes killer subs. If you are happy with your current speakers, other than their ability pressurize to the room with bass I'd recommend looking at a REL subwoofer. Their ability to expand the soundstage is remarkable. They integrate more seamlessly than any other sub I've heard. When properly set up the sub is not a source of audible sound, it just sounds like the left/right speakers have had a major increase in bass extension. Of course that sounds like a description of what ALL subs SHOULD do, unfortunately they don't. RELs are the perfect sub for those who want musical bass, that perfectly matches what a great speaker can produce.

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Re: Subwoofer match for Avalon Symbols?

First of all, what are you using to drive your Avalon Symbols? Second, what is underneath them? The reason I ask is that you may have conditions which are constraining the bass extension of your loudspeakers.

The SVS 25-31 PCi is clearance priced right now at $500 and I doubt you'll find any subs at that price that are as musical and integrate with loudspeakers as well as it can.

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